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ABOUT US – Patar Summer Inn

Welcome to Patar Summer Inn

Thanks for checking us out. 

About Us

Located near the beautiful white beach, Patar Summer Inn offers a relaxing and peaceful place to stay. Since 2017, we started accepting accommodation from travelers and guests from nearby cities. As we expand the business, more and more amenities were improved and added to meet visitor’s needs. We ensure that our place is maintained at all times as we want to provide the value of the best. 

We have 6 studio-type rooms and 2 nipa-hut fully set-up to self-cater your needs. Just bring your own towels, toiletries, and foods. The place provides warmth, comfort and convenience.

DTI Registered and Department of Tourism Accredited. 

Meet the Family

Rudy and Nanette are retirees from the Metro. There family loves going to the beach and swimming to the ocean. They are great swimmers. They discover Patar beach on year 2000, since then they fell in love to the place and recently bought a land in 2015. 

They spent there vacation here every now and then especially on summer season. Enjoyed the warmth of the sun. Watched the sunrise and breathtaking sunset. They have many reasons not to love the Patar Beach.

Finally, Patar Summer Inn was established.

Why Love Patar Beach?

It's Crushed Coral Sand

Believe me, it's crushed corals made by time!

Stunning Views

Rock formations and the Great White House - SMB!

Breathtaking Sunset

You shouldn't miss this!

Calming Effect

Walk on sand and watch the waves!

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